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    ABV 6%
    IBU 3
    Genre Gose
    Flavor Pink Guava and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
    Plays well with:
    David Grohl

    Pink flamingo floaties and above ground pools.

    Tasteful Notes:
  • Trebuchet

    ABV 11.2
    Genre Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy
    Plays well with:
    Tasteful Notes:

    ABV 5.7%
    IBU 16
    Genre American Wheat Beer
    Flavor This unfiltered American wheat beer is brewed with hand-picked Parker County Peaches. We juice and puree hundreds of pounds of fresh sweet peaches and then blend it with local Texas honey, chamomile flowers and rose hips. Based off our award winning Allergeez beer.
    Plays well with:
    Hot summer days

    pool parties

    Tasteful Notes:

    Original Release Date: June 2016
    Availability: Summer
    Food Pairing: Slow stewed pulled pork or honey-glazed chicken
    Dessert Pairing: Warm homemade Apple Pie


    ABV 5.6%
    IBU 44
    Genre American Pale Ale
    Flavor A dry hopped American Pale Ale that is brewed with fresh ginger root and 3 types of hops. The aroma of ginger and city hops blend well together on the nose. Biscuit malt gives it the nice body and mouth feel while sorachi ace hops help finish with a balanced bitterness.
    Plays well with:
    Burt Reynold's mustache

    E-Break turns

    Tasteful Notes:

    Original Release Date: September 2016
    Availability: TBA
    Food Pairings: Seared Ahi
    Dessert Pairings: Ginger Snap Cookies


    ABV 5%
    IBU 25
    Genre Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout
    Flavor Chocolate peanut butter aroma. Lactose helps with the creamy mouth feel and Reese's peanut butter cup flavors.
    Plays well with:
    Adult trick or treating

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Breakfast

    Tasteful Notes:

    Original release date: October, 2015
    Availability: September-November
    Food Pairing: Chocolate Chip Pancakes
    Dessert Pairing: Choco-Taco
    *Made with lactose sugar and natural peanut butter extract*


    ABV 10.5%
    IBU 57
    Genre Russian Imperial Stout
    Flavor Brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, coriander, orange peel, all spice and locally made cold brew coffee from PIC Coffee Roasters. This Russian Imperial Stout is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!
    Plays well with:
    Kevin McCallister house parties

    Bing Crosby tunes and ugly sweaters

    Tasteful Notes:

    Original Release Date: December 2016
    Availability: Late November
    Food Pairing: Roast Beef
    Dessert Pairing: Pumpkin Pie