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  • Ryan McWhorter

    BAC .08%
    Beard Thick, full, manly
    I.D. Ryan - "Janitor" / Head Brewer
    Super Skills

    Average twerking

    Plays well with:

    Being a Family Man
    Drinking Amazing Beers
    Playing Loud Music
    Wearing Flannel

    Does not plays well with:

    “your mom” jokes
    the Boston Red Sox
    Pastel colors on walls
    EDM or Techno
    Tom Cruise Jokes

    Wants To take his band VALEYRA on a Nation wide Tour
    Needs New Work Boots, New Profile picture (circa 2013)
  • Joe Marone

    BAC 0.06%
    Beard Full, Curly and all soo soft
    I.D. "Joe Joe" - Fort Worth Sales
    Super Skills

    Super Ninja Skills, Jujitsu takedowns in the Bedroom

    Plays well with:

    Heavy Metal
    Emilia Clarke

    Does not plays well with:

    Cantaloupe (yeah...)
    Big Beer
    Dates that show up late

    Wants Date with Ronda Rousey
    Needs Ronda Rousey's phone number to set up that date
  • Sandra DiPretore

    Super Skills
    Plays well with:
    Does not plays well with: