Daniel “Hooter” Nobile | Panther Island Brewing
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  • Ryan McWhorter

    BAC .08%
    Beard Thick, full, manly
    I.D. Ryan - "Janitor" / Head Brewer
    Super Skills

    Average twerking

    Plays well with:

    Being a Family Man
    Drinking Amazing Beers
    Playing Loud Music
    Wearing Flannel

    Does not plays well with:

    “your mom” jokes
    the Boston Red Sox
    Pastel colors on walls
    EDM or Techno
    Tom Cruise Jokes

    Wants To take his band VALEYRA on a Nation wide Tour
    Needs New Work Boots, New Profile picture (circa 2013)
  • Daniel “Hooter” Nobile

    BAC Constant
    Beard Quite supple
    I.D. Operations Manager
    Super Skills

    Numbers and math and such

    Plays well with:

    Big dogs
    Whiskey Neat

    Does not plays well with:

    Feeble minded people

    Wants Eleventy billion dollars
    Needs The friendship of kindred spirits
  • Joe Marone

    BAC 0.06%
    Beard Full, Curly and all soo soft
    I.D. "Joe Joe" - Fort Worth Sales
    Super Skills

    Super Ninja Skills, Jujitsu takedowns in the Bedroom

    Plays well with:

    Heavy Metal
    Emilia Clarke

    Does not plays well with:

    Cantaloupe (yeah...)
    Big Beer
    Dates that show up late

    Wants Date with Ronda Rousey
    Needs Ronda Rousey's phone number to set up that date
  • Tammi Parada

    BAC 0.06%
    Beard Ummm NO
    I.D. "Tam Tam" - Officer Manager
    Super Skills

    Jedi mind tricking Firemen to fall in love with her

    Plays well with:

    Beer.tails (craft cocktails with Real Good)
    Men in Uniforms
    Banana LaffyTaffy
    Crushed Ice over Vodka

    Does not plays well with:

    Bad Attitudes
    Cold Weather

    Wants Her milk shake to bring the boys to the yard (Ryan Gosling, I'm looking at you Booboo)
    Needs 27 hours in the day to get everything done
  • Adam Moore

    BAC .079
    Beard Will Riker
    I.D. Dallas Sales
    Super Skills

    Jedi mind trick and chicken pot pie

    Plays well with:

    Wolf packs

    Does not plays well with:


    Wants A giant hot air balloon to DJ and dance with friend
    Needs Cannonball