By Panther Island Brewing | March 3, 2014
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We had planned to keep a low profile, to slowly start ramping up the anticipation for our impending launch about a month prior.  We didn’t plan it very well.

In November-ish we were asked by the Dallas Beer Scene guys (good kids, all) to be a part of the Dallas Brew Bus’ tour to Ft. Worth. Thinking we’d be very near launch by then (like, a week away) we said “Hell yeah!” and went about trying to open our brewery. This was, of course, before the concrete, plumbing, city, and cold weather got in our way.

Brewery Early Stages

As mentioned in earlier posts, there is a difference between knowing a thing and understanding a thing. Agreeing to be a part of the Brew Bus tour meant serving some suds, showing friends around, and generally having a good time. Underneath the surface, however, it meant getting our building halfway presentable, making arrangements to have our system moved in (not installed, moved in) and shutting down construction for a weekend.

Oh yeah, and we’d have to brew our beer somewhere, and it definitely wasn’t being done at our building.

Which is all just a very long way to say: We busted our asses to pull it off and people seemed to have a very good time.

This also means the buzz began earlier than we anticipated, and I have to believe it’s because we actually have our system now. It was a common topic of conversation in getting ready for the Brew Bus. Having our system IN THE BUILDING says one very important thing about the brewery: We’re in this shit now.

For two years Facebook and Twitter posts have been redundant pleas for the good people of DFW to be patient, to hold on, to keep their ears to the ground. And while there have been a handful of tastings, one could only accurately describe us as a “Brewery in Planning.” That description is still rather accurate, but at least we have our system. It’s impossible to turn around now.

Since our system (affectionately referred to as “The Beast”) has been in our building, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of people who want to stop by. This is fine, of course; we love talking beer, drinking beer, and being wide open to our city. By my count, five guys have driven by, asked if we were opening a brewery, then replied something along the lines of: “Oh man! I was gonna open a brewery here but never could make it happen!”

There have been even more who have simply stopped by either out of sheer curiosity or hoping to move some security systems or office supplies. Hell, we even had a pair of TCU Frat Daddy alums swing by the other day after reading the write up in the Fort Worth Business Press. (They were very kind. We talked football and commercial real estate.) Several brewers have even stopped by, visits which I whole heartedly appreciate.

Though it may have seemed like we were just farting around amongst the rock and rubble in this old building, our progress has made people curious again, and they want to stop by to have a look around.

We tell them all the same thing:
“If you see the front door open, come on in!”

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