By Panther Island Brewing | June 24, 2014
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And we’re live!

In the past three or more years, Ryan, the guys and I have gone through a few lineup changes, a name change, a new building, and many, many hours of tireless work.

It all came together for the first time last week when we opened our doors for the first time as a functional brewery to a group of our friends and family. Then, the next night, we took our brews to the public and shared them with kind folks who came by to see us at Magnolia Motor Lounge. The Thieving Birds were also there and, as per usual, they put on a truly killer show, save one point. Bo shaved his beard and, I don’t mind saying it here, I don’t like it. He’s still one hell of a drummer, of course, and we could all stand to be a little more like him. But with beards.

Friends and Family Party

Thursday’s chores began early and lasted right up until the running end when our first family members (they’re always early) showed up to celebrate our progress. We received so many words of encouragement from our friends and family members and enjoyed a busy night on the Island. Due to some clever planning, there was both a concert at the Panther Island Pavilion and the Coyote Drive-In, meaning there were plenty of people walking around looking for a good time. I remember looking up from a conversation and seeing a couple walk in with a plastic bin full of party gear (leis, grass skirts, comically large sun glasses, beach balls, etc) and a plastic bin full of hot dogs.

I don’t think any one of us knew them, but they were certainly ready to party.

Friday’s party was more of the same, minus the beach balls and leis. Magnolia Motor Lounge featured three of our beers — Allergeez, Boom, and Real Good — and hosted a concert by illustrious Thieving Birds. To our great appreciation and surprise, there were several friends who were willing to hang out with us two nights in a row. We know some of the coolest people.

One of the chefs even featured Allergeez in the nightly special and concocted an Allergeez Pineapple chutney. I had never tried chutney till that point, and I reckon I may have to try it again.

And now we’re getting ready to sell more beer at more bars so you’ll have your chance to get it in your mouth whenever you damn well please.
It’s not easy to start a brewery, especially if you’ve never done it before, but we would absolutely do it again if we had to. The same goal that drove us three years ago is the same goal that drives us now: We want to make some of the best beer you’ve ever tasted, and we intend to deliver.

Keep an eye out for us. Follow us on the Facebooks, Instagrams, Twitters, and whatever else may come up.

And if you ever see us out and about, come say hi. We don’t often bite, but our beards might.


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